About Zunny People

What is your dream?

Different cultures

We aim to create a company that enables more people to experience the satisfaction of working and living in different cultures.

Recent research* shows that one in five Europeans can imagine working abroad in the future, and about 60% are planning to do so within the next five years. Nearly half (48%) of Europeans believe that working abroad will help them do their job better.

Currently, we are based in Stockholm and Marbella. These two markets differ in many ways, and we believe that combining them is a good start to our concept.


We guide you 
through the process

Working at Zunny People does not require you to temporarily relocate; we just want to give you the option to do so.

However, if you decide to make a move, we will help organize everything related to the relocation process. It is up to you how long you want to go, whether for a couple of weeks or up to about six months per year.

Zunny People assists with all administration related to relocation, whether you are traveling alone or with your partner or family. We are also on site to make the experience as good as possible. Together, we identify your needs and create the best possible experience. For example, if you are a big fan of waves, we make sure to find you a good place to live close to the ocean.

We like to see ourselves as an enabler of opportunities, and sometimes a dream should not only remain a dream.

Meet some of our team

As a consultancy manager I truly enjoy getting to know every member of my team personally. I blend coaching, personal development, and career goals in our quest for the next exciting project. Zunny People is warm and sunny on multiple levels - the warmth of our team and the promise of exciting adventures at southern latitudes. If this sounds like the journey you want to join, please reach out to me!
I have worked as a full-stack web developer for over 20 years, and my current assignment involves developing a social media platform. I joined Zunny People because it's a company that focuses on senior consultants with extensive experience. It's also exciting to be part of building a company from the ground up. If you consider joining Zunny People, you'll have a fantastic team of colleagues and exciting opportunities!


From left: Carl-Johan Walleby: Co-Founder and CEO, Lina Jenkens: Head of Consultans and Care and Danny Lilegren: Co-Founder and Head of Sales